The Getty, LACMA; and Los Angeles Photography Exhibits

I wanted to take this opportunity to announce that Getty is having an exhibit on Photography.

Unseen: 35 Years of Collecting Photographs.

If anyone is interesting in going to this together, let me know, I will set a date. Otherwise, I’m sure I will venture there soon. It is open until March 8th at the Getty Center. I am sure weekends are going to be packed.

Also, recently I went to LACMA.
They currently have a few things going on while they are rebuilding the main building! Why? I do not know but still.

There is some cool art and a interesting photographer. I am including some shots I took on Ilford with my F4 from the recent LACMA visit.

The price to get in I believe is $20.Last but not least.

If ANYONE is interesting in gathering for ANY particular type of SHOOT.

Whether it be 4×5, 8×10, using lighting, doing portraits, using LOMO cameras, DEVELOPING FILM, gather and shoot, talk about photography, would like to learn more, or have something to share – Post comments or suggestions below.

If you look in the Past we have done Events before. But I’m not interested in planning something and having 2 people attend.

Nor am I trying to make money off events or anything related.
This is a not-for-profit group. [as a side note: I have a few extra 4×5 holders, if someone starting out needs a few, let me know] If there is no interest in Events I will just post my own schedule and place when I know I’ll be shooting and if people attend that’s fine.

But I’m not going to put any planning effort into others’ agenda sorry. There’s too much to learn still and I’m getting too old for that.
And, of course, if you already know everything already, well then simply, there’s no reason for exchange – carry on.

images © copyright – Simon Ayriss

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